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dear miui fans,

here comes miui 7.5 china stable rom with some new features of miui 8! from 11:00am june 29 (gmt+8), many of you should be able to progressively receive the update over-the-air (ota) on your phones via the updater app. if you cannot wait, you can download the rom packages in this thread below.
miui 8 china stable rom will be released in august. while waiting, you can get a head start on experiencing some amazing miui 8 features by upgrading to miui 7.5 right now!

how to upgrade
1) you can update via ota if you are using miui v5 / miui 6 / miui 7 stable rom. go to 'updater' on your phone and check for updates.
2) please do backup important data before flashing. if you flash from developer rom to stable rom, please wipe all data, otherwise, it might cause serious incompatible issues like fc, no network etc. 3) check flashing tutorials here: http://en.miui.com/a-232.html
supported devices
devices getting miui 7.5 china stable build firstly are:
mi max 64gb/128gb, mi max 32gb, mi 5, mi 4s, mi note pro, mi note, mi 4c, mi 4i, mi 4, mi 3, mi 2/2s, mi pad 2, mi pad 1, redmi note 4g (single sim) , redmi 1s

the following devices will get miui 7.5 china stable build later (around july 4th)
redmi 3s/3x, redmi 3, redmi note prime (4g, dual sim), redmi note 3 mtk, redmi note 3 qualcomm, redmi note 2, redmi note 3g, redmi 2a, redmi 2, redmi 2 prime, redmi 1

miui 7.5 china stable rom update highlights
miui 7.5 get a head start
- introducing shortcut menu
- introducing mi lanting system font
- sogou input
- protect apps with app lock
- card design for notification messages
- new design for weather
- major optimization for cleaner
- wallpaper carousel

miui 7.5 china stable rom fulll changelog
optimization - system stability (06-23)

new - added card design for notification & service messages (04-12)
optimization - improved layout for message bubbles with s and xs-sized text (04-20)

lockscreen, status bar, notification bar
fix - in some cases pre-installed wallpapers blocked wallpaper carousel (06-23)

optimization - mi mover transfer speed (05-09)

new - new white design (04-27)

new - introducing shortcut menu. check out the new miui 8 feature early. you can turn it on in additional settings. (05-17)

file explorer
new - upload small videos directly from explorer (05-12)
optimization - sorting algorithm for small videos (05-12)
fix - couldn't use hidden folders (05-12)
fix - issues with kuaipan (05-12)

new - card design for downloads (04-26)

mi account
optimization - simplified sign-in process and creating mi account (04-19)

new - new design for cleaner (04-27)

optimization - accessibility support (05-24)
fix - fc issues (05-24)

new - fingerprint support for app lock in redmi 3 pro (04-27)
new - added on/off switch for app lock (05-03)
new - customized settings for app lock (05-03)

mi cloud
new - added "back up now" feature for fast backups (05-19)

mi wallet
new - id verification (05-10)
optimization - improved the display of available payment methods during checkout. (04-13)
optimization - mi wallet start page opened by default. (04-13)
optimization - improved display for the payment page which appears after scanning a qr code. (04-13)
optimization - reasons and help for unsuccessful attempts to add cards (05-10)
fix - fixed the issue with recurring notifications after a successful credit card cash back. (04-13)
fix - fixed account error which appeared after resetting the password in some cases. (04-13)
fix - the app crashed after an unsupported credit card was added in the english version. (04-13)
fix - checkouts were unsuccessful in some cases. (04-13)

new - custom xiaomi keyboard by sogou with support for mi account (05-26)

miui 7.5 china stable rom download links
(note: you can also go to download page to get all roms)
mi max 64gb/128gb
fastboot 1303m 09c53cbe.tgz
recovery 910m c4f6_6.0.zip

mi max 32gb
fastboot 1308m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1.0.m...bccnde_20160523.0000.23_6.0_cn_267099 3a66.tgz
recovery 915m

mi 5
fastboot 1389m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.4.0.m...aacnde_20160523.0000.23_6.0_cn_16b925 e3d1.tgz
recovery 955m

mi 4s
fastboot 1286m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.l...ajcnde_20160523.0000.23_5.1_cn_b050da 21d6.tgz
recovery 872m

mi note pro
fastboot 1389m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.l...xhcnde_20160523.0000.23_5.1_cn_762702 47f1.tgz
recovery 910m

mi note
fastboot 1251m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.m...xecnde_20160523.0000.23_6.0_cn_650e5e e0d6.tgz
recovery 710m

mi 4c
fastboot 1286m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.l...xkcnde_20160523.0000.23_5.1_cn_31094f bac4.tgz
recovery 872m

mi 4i
fastboot 1026m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1.0.l...xicnde_20160523.0000.23_5.0_cn_33c802 8649.tgz
recovery 753m

mi 4
fastboot 1029m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.m...xdcnde_20160523.0000.23_6.0_cn_ebff24 efd0.tgz
recovery 710m

mi 3
fastboot 1029m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.m...xdcnde_20160523.0000.23_6.0_cn_ebff24 efd0.tgz
recovery 710m

mi 2/2s
fastboot 906m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1.0.l...xacnde_20160523.0000.23_5.0_cn_386644 60b1.tgz
recovery 615m

mi pad 2
fastboot 858m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.2.0.l...accnde_20160523.0000.23_5.1_cn_08866b eb37.tgz
recovery 768m

mi pad 1
fastboot 504m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1.0.k...xfcnde_20160523.0000.23_4.4_cn_d71e3f c789.tgz
recovery 361m

redmi note 4g (single sim)
fastboot 796m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1. ... 4_cn_759441c330.tgz
recovery 562m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1. ... _ccd47fef3a_4.4.zip

redmi 1s
fastboot 785m
http://bigota.d.miui.com/v7.5.1.0.k...hccnde_20160523.0000.23_4.4_cn_009a01 ffd2.tgz
recovery 551m

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